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College Internships

Personal growth and development. Flexible work conditions. International teams. At Kubota, you’ll get the challenge and support you need to launch a successful career.

Kubota Manufacturing of America Corporation was established in 1988 as Kubota Corporation's North American manufacturing base. Known for its commitment to quality, constant improvement, and rapid growth, KMA is considered one Kubota's most important manufacturing facilities. Since our foundation, we have been growing exponentially, expanding our production volume and our product line, as well as our facilities almost every year. KMA is truly an international company, with its products being distributed in the United States, Africa, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Every employee at KMA is an integral part of the Kubota team. We pride ourselves on working together to create high-quality products on which our customers know they can depend.

We are recruiting for the three phases of our internship:

  • Orientation Intern - In the orientation phase, all interns will be assigned to work directly in one of the Genba areas for 12 weeks. Interns will learn about KMA products while working in logistics or manufacturing and performing actual labor functions. HR will meet with orientation interns bi-weekly to discuss their progress and get feedback. HR will conduct an exit interview and interns will submit a one page essay on their experience.
  • Operation Intern - In the operation phase, KMA will assign the intern to work with an exempt team member for 12 weeks. During the operation phase, interns will be given minor tasks and will assist with larger tasks and projects. At the end of the internship, interns will submit a written report and will receive an intern evaluation from their assigned exempt team member. Department heads will review intern reports and evaluations and select only those with high potential for success to return for the skills phase. HR will meet with operation interns monthly to discuss progress and feedback.
  • Skills Intern – Select interns will be invited to return for the third phase in which they will be assigned to a department and given more specific and complex tasks or projects for a period of 12 weeks. . HR will meet with operation interns monthly to discuss progress and feedback. At the end of this phase the department head where the intern was assigned will prepare an evaluation of the intern and each intern will make a 15 – 20 minute PowerPoint presentation to all department heads summing up their entire experience.

We employ a diverse mix of men and women of 100 different nationalities and ethnic groups, orientations, backgrounds, abilities and cultures. We value this diversity and encourage the most talented students to apply.