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Kubota Global Identity

In 1890, Gonshiro Kubota, the founder of KUBOTA started his metal casting business at the age of 19. Believing that: "If you try hard, you can get it done" and "Do not be afraid of making mistakes," he contributed to society with his business. He became the first producer of iron water pipes in Japan, and later, actualized mechanization of agriculture. "For the prosperity of society, we need to put all of our efforts into creation." "Our products should not only be technically excellent, but also useful for the good of society." The KUBOTA Group inherits the founder's beliefs and three Spirits, grows together with its employees, and continues to be a society-friendly and reliable company, extending its business globally. KMA and KIE are a part of this heritage and committed to keeping these spirits alive in everything we do.


Work for the development of society by drawing on all of our capabilities and know-how to offer superior products and technology. Build today and open the way to tomorrow, with the aim of bringing prosperity to the company and happiness to employees. Challenge the unknown with creativity and courage.

Brand Statement


Food, water and the environment are indispensable for human beings. The KUBOTA Group continues to support the future of the earth and humanity by contributing products that help the affluent and stable production of food, help supply and restore reliable water, and help create a comfortable living environment through its superior products, technologies and services.